Travelling around Japan Shinkansen Bullet Trains


We purchased a Suica Card at Haneda airport when we landed. This is which is one of the many types of IC card that can be purchased and topped up at one of the hundreds of machines in the many subway stations. The IC cards can be used in all of the areas we visited on most trains and buses and even in the majority of convenience shops (7 Eleven and Lawson). When you purchase a card you have to pay a 500Yen deposit which you can get refunded when you have finished with the card. I did this at the end of our trip at a station gate booth at Haneda airport. The cards don’t give any sort of discount however have the benefit of convenience of not having to buy tickets.

The Trains and tube stations all have great signage but it is definatly needed is the most complex tube system of any city I have visited, it was like the London tube multiplied by 4. Each tube station also seemed to be much bigger with up to 7 exits.

However there are some really useful tube apps, particularly for Tokyo which you can enter your current location and destination or landmark and the app will give you the complete route to take.

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