Japanese Food in Japan


We love our food and trying new things so were very excited to try out the authentic Japanese food.


I know this may sound like blasphemy to fans of Japanese food but we just arnt into it. Even though we have tried it many times, cold rice and slimey raw fish is just not our thing. We however thought that when in Rome we should try it.

To our pleasant surprise however Japan is so much more than Sushi, sushi plays a tiny part of the Japanese cuisine so much so that we felt we had no reason to feel like we would be missing out if we did not try it.

When looking at sushi in japan you will also realise that the sushi in the UK and America is quite far removed from the authentic Japanese sushi. Most sushi is simply a slice of sashimi (raw fish usually tuna or salmon on rice. We saw very few sushi rolls let alone anything with avocado.

More popular dishes were

takoyaki fried octopus balls with fish shavings on time




Deep fried chicken and pork

Steamed dumplings

Ominayaki (pancake)